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Youth Christmas Play 2002
Mr. Wilson Finds Christmas
This is a play written by Andre Lederer from Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is about a wealthy businessman named Mr. Wilson who rediscovers the true meaning of Christmas.

It is a busy time for Mr. Wilson (played by Adam) at the toy factory. He has so many things on his mind. This morning he is running late. His wife (played by Kathleen) reminds him that their daughter's play is tonight. Mr. Wilson tells his wife that he is sorry that he can't make it because of all the work. He reminds her that he is meeting with his old friend Gerry Tillman for lunch. He hasn't seen Tiller for over nine years.

To make things up, Mr. Wilson agrees to listen to his daughter, Sally, practice reciting her lines. However, distracted by all the things he has to do, he doesn't really listen to Sally's recital of Luke 2:10-12 "... I bring you good tidings of great joy ..."

During the day of the performance, Sally was played by Alice.

Jeeves, the chauffer (played by Marianne), arrives with her car to take Mr. Wilson to the office. There isn't any limo today because it is in the garage for repairs. Jeeves is a respectful driver who understands what Christmas is all about.