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Mr. Wilson at the Office

It's a busy, busy day. So many people to talk to and so many forms to sign. Here Mr. Wilson runs the gauntlet of Bernie (played by Stavros), Renee (played by Caralee) and Fredy (played by Rob) who must see Mr. Wilson.

Mr. Wilson has called a meeting with his staff. Jane (played by Kristin) explains that sales on the Tickle-Me-Tigers have gone well for most of the year but are falling off just as the Christmas season rush is arriving. Babs (played by Elyse) and Jessica (played by Zoe) have come up with a scheme to reduce supply of the toys to increase demand. Once the demand has developed, the company can jack up the price to take advantage of the situation.

Jane, also a Christian, objects to the proposed plan because it is unethical. She reminds Mr. Wilson that his father established the company on Christian principles of business conduct. Mr. Wilson, forgetting his roots, disagrees with Jane and fires her. Babs and Jessica are overjoyed because Mr. Wilson's approval of their plan means they will get a nice year-end bonus for their efforts.