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Mr. Wilson Meets with Tiller
Mr. Wilson (now played by Stevie) meets with Gerry Tillman at the restaurant. Thinking Tiller is still the same, Mr. Wilson orders a bottle of the best red wine from the waitress (played by Francine). Tiller has changed, though, and does not drink alcohol anymore like in the old days. Mr. Wilson tells Tiller how busy he is now with his business and can't even find the time to attend his daughters Christmas play.

During the day of the performance, Tiller was played by Will.

Tiller tells Mr. Wilson that he has changed. He is now a missionary after a Christian collegue recounted why Jesus came to this earth. Mr. Wilson is surprised and intrigued. Tiller offers to tell Mr. Wilson more about Jesus. Mr. Wilson accepts because it reminds him about the things that were discussed during his years in the Young Peoples group when he attended church as a youth.