Christmas Presence
Youth Christmas Play 2005
The narrator introduces the Wolford family Christmas presents. He asks the audience to imagine what the presents would say if they came to life.
Written by Cheryl Taylor.

The persents slowly wake from their deep slumber.

Red Bow is nervous because tomorrow is the big day; it's Christmas!

The presents argue over why people buy them and how lucky they feel because they will be given away for the first time.

Green Bow is feeling sad because she was already given away once and now, is being given away as a gift again to someone else. She is known among presents as a Re-Gift.

Red Bow and Striped Present try to comfort Green Bow. She tells the other presents how she came to be a Re-Gift.

The presents think it would be an adventure to be a Re-Gift because they would see different places.

All of a sudden the presents hear the Wolford family coming back from their shopping trip. The presents go back to where they were placed.

The Wolford kids rush into the room to look at their presents again. Dad brings Grandma into the house after forgetting to get her from the car when they got home. Mom opens a Christmas card from Aunt Thelma and leaves it on the coffee table by the presents.